Song of the Day-Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004 @ 2:07 a.m.


i know i started this song of the day thing with a Sparta song, but their second album is being released today, so i find it only fitting to honor this occasion with yet another Sparta song. this is:


the host of the show comes down
to collapse on the ground
and the crime scene revisits me
this body shut down in bordeaux
and the shores of gold coast on the balcony
i search for sleep
the future has fallen short
when the sun sets north
and the clouds fall from the mirrored walls
words speak and choose
make sense and lose
capsize the tallest tale, but always fail
words speak and choose, make sense and lose
forfeit the tallest tale, i always will
the host had his mouth sewn shut
all in the name of trust
when the blood goes thin, he's given in
you can spare us the formal toast
the drunken anecdotes
from this day on... goes on and on...
You know when he falls apart
he listens in the dark to the records turn
i'll never learn
to set it down
you'll set it down
you'll set it down


today's song of the day is brought to you by Sparta. a friend i met online reccommended their debut album, Wiretap Scars to me, and i havenít stopped listening to it since i bought it. their next album is due out july 13, i believe, and you can currently see them on tour with Incubus.


i'll qualify this circumstance
broadcast, renew this chance
pin hope on this promise
graduate to a settled score
projects through mansion doors
stand up, dust yourself off
it's troubled now by swelling tide
beached hope and sandstone lies
you're dazed in the moment

this time i'll get it right
you can't defend it, it's predetermined

you know i'll sit at the bottom space
trace lines in the vacant face
it's all about these changes
small flat in a smaller town
steal hope to pass around
you're caught in the memory
these shores aren't out of reach.

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