this is a drunk entry... sorry for all the mistakes-Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 @ 2:21 a.m.

david called me tonight, asked what i was up yo. i told him i was at the abr. he asid he was all partied out fromh is bday and was planing on staying hmoe but said he'd call me tomorrow and that we shiuld get together. i fucking hope he calls me even thouhg we probably won't be able to get togethr because i have to closr the fucking retaurant tomorrow. god damn my fckng luck. i should cking cll off. i hate my fucking job anyway.

and oddamn i was flirting with alex tonight. yers, anne's alex, because jesus christ i need to get laid. laid better than jonathan and god damn it maybe thats why davids comnig along and i relly like him. i was so so sos ogiddy after i talked to him.

gaaa! don't know wat to do. maybe we wont' be busy tomorrow and i'llg et out by 11 and we could o something.

wish he was here now so i could culr up in his arms....

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