Wonder What's Next-Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 @ 3:53 p.m.

I got pretty drunk last night, and I donít quite remember how that happened. It kinda snuck up on me. Oh... maybe it was those shots Alex gave me. Yeah... that was probably it. I donít know what they were, but they were good.

Anne and I were a trip last night. Absolutely hilarious, the two of us. We should go on tour with our act. Just sit in a bar, get drunk and be funny. At one point Anne wanted a shot of Tequila, but Alex doesnít give her tequila because it makes her loud... er. Yeah, makes her a lot louder than she usually is. So, I was feeling kinda feisty and this is the exchange that followed:

Me: Come on Alex, give her a shot of tequila!

Alex: No. Wonít do it.

Me: Oh come on Alex, give it to her. Give it to her!!!

Alex: If I give her tequila, then I might just have to.

I told Anne this and she found it very, very amusing, because a) sheís horny, b) sheís mad in love with Alex. Alas, though, no one got any last night. Though, there are implications of fun on the 12th at the Clutch show. Anne and I got a hotel room and Alex made a pact with us to get as shitty, humiliatingly drunk as we possibly can. Then weíre all staying at the hotel together. Alex made the suggestion of pushing the beds together. Haha.. yeah. While I do find him terribly attractive, Iíd never do anything remotely sexual with him, aside from the harmless flirting that we always do. Iíve known him since I was 10, first off, and heís totally Anneís, so off limits. Anyway... Iíve got my sights set elsewhere. And who knows... maybe heíll join us on the 12th and weíll make it a foursome.... a separate foursome, so then thatíll just be two twosomes... so.... anyway....

Last night was fun. There was no drama... no blah blah blah.... I was in a damn good mood and it was warm out! What could have made it better? If David had shown up. But, like I tried to say last night, he did call. He said he was all partied out from his birthday, so he was staying home last night. But he said heíd call me tonight and that we should hang out. Oh lord, I was so giddy after that. And I mean giddy. I couldnít stop smiling. But it sucks too, because I donít want a boy to be the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

But he should be calling me tonight, but I canít go out, unless he doesnít mind going out until after midnight. I have to close the restaurant tonight and tomorrow. Damn my luck.

I should shower and get ready for work. I should have called off.

No no... donít think like that. You need money. You need to work. Who cares if your job is totally soul sucking and depressing. Money money money....

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