One Pointless Entry-Friday, Apr. 02, 2004 @ 12:56 a.m.

I'm very, very tired tonight, even though I slept about 10 hours last night. I don't remember falling asleep last night. I was watching tv in bed, next thing I knew I woke up at 4 am with my glasses still on the tv still on. I was apparently exhausted from the other night.

Work sucked. Went down to the other bar afterwards for a drink ad some really, really spicy wings. Had a Killian to drink which I hadn't had in a long, long time. Alex even commented on it.

Didn't hear from David today. Didn't really think I would. I sent him a text reminding him of the show tomorrow night in S.A. Told him I'd get his cover since I still owed him for beer the other night.

Still very tired. Going to bed.

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