Number Six-Monday, May. 03, 2004 @ 2:04 a.m.

Iíve been slacking hard on this diary. Itís not that I donít have anything to write about, because I do. A lotís happened in the past few weeks, but it tends to be when good shit happens, I donít care to write about it.

But I will write about last night.

Lsat night was a fucking blast. About 20 people from work went downtown last night for one of our bartenderís birthday. And Victor, the guy from the other department within my department Iíve had a crush on for a while, was there. Heís been upset all week because his fiancee dumped him due to the fact she said he worked too much. So, heís there, and weíre flirting very hard and one thing leads to another and he kisses me. So, weíre making out at the bar for a few hours in front of god and everyone from our department. And it was all initiated by him, for the most part. I kept telling him about the crush Iíve had on him forever but he kissed me first. It was good too. Weíve got an identical kissing style which is very, very nice. Finally last call comes and Erica, who Iím getting a ride with, is way way way too drunk to drive. Victor, however is ok. So he had to drive me and Erica back to her place because first off, I was too drunk to drive too, and I canít drive standard. So, we get to KC and Victor has to carry Erica up the stairs. Luckily my brother is nowhere around because he would absolutely kill me for what happened next. As in me and Victor and some sex on their bed.

As in, me and Victor and some really good sex on their bed.

And Victor is my brotherís supervisor at work. How great is that? I told someone that and they freaked out thinking that would make him a bit too old for me, as in about 35. But heís actually younger than me. 21. And heís a virgo, which is always a good match with a pisces.

But I donít know exactly where this leaves us. He was very sweet last night. While we were sleeping he held me or was at least always touching me. I woke up at one point and he just had his had on my back. And Iíd wake up sometimes when Iíd turn over and heíd kiss my neck or my forehead or shoulder. Definitely the best post sex treatment Iíve received, aside from the exboyfriend. And not to mention the fact that we had sex again this morning.

And we were at work and he walks back into the wait station to say goodbye to me and he gives me this hug and asks if Iím mad at him. I have no reason to be mad at him, I tell him. He says he was just checking and I told him he was silly. He explained that it was the virgo paranoia in him. Then he gave me his number and told me to call him.

But I know he canít have a relationship right now and thatís still fine. I still donít think I want one right now. As much as I do like Victor, thereís only one person I could see myself in a real relationship with, and he doesnít want a relationship either.

But holy crap, Iím very tired, so Iím going to sleep.

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