Misery Chick-Friday, May. 07, 2004 @ 2:22 a.m.

i've slipped into this dreary state. there's no reason for it. i'm just here, visiting for a while. i won't talk about how my life sucks and how this is bad and that is bad because there's nothing to say. by all means, there's nothing wrong with my life.

but there is something wrong with me. something i can't explain and no amount of drinking and partying and working and sleeping with people is going to make it better. i donp' know what will make it better but i wish i did.

i resortd a few days ago to my old junior high [ractice of cutting myself. i hate myself for that because i hate people that do that. bt it felt good. it was familiar and i could control it. all my scars are nicely hidden so only i can see them. i don't want people asking me a million questions and i don't want anyone feeling sorry for me. that pain is for me and me alone.

i'll figure something out. i'll figure out whats wrong. i don't want to be this misery chick that i've become again.

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