pictures!-Saturday, Jul. 03, 2004 @ 1:22 p.m.

mmmm... pictures. these were taken within the past three weeks. finlly, some recent pictures of me. all other parties have been blurred out.

this is actually me, erica and one of her friends at a bar downtown. this was the beginning of the night. that night, i went home with the boy from work that i used to have a crush on. that's the night we slept together, and i really mean we just fell asleep.

this is erican and me upstairs at our favourite bar. one of our favorite bartenders, scott, took this picture. we're rather drunk here if you can't tell. this was from the twilight zone night. i ended up making out with this guy that i'm not even attracted to, but it was his birthday and he asked me. eh... whatever.

this is some kind of random boy and me. i know his name, and i think anne had a drunken thing with him one night a few weeks ago. bothing happened with us. he left after this picture was taken.

so, there's some pictures. and only 2/3 drunk!

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