fuck it .... again-Saturday, Jul. 10, 2004 @ 3:26 a.m.

so, i had a review done. it's the first review i've had in almost half a year. and it reminded me of why i stopped doing reviews. fuck that shit. especially this quote, "I don't really like a lot of cussing either. It's just not very original to express annoyance or angst by just letting out a string of curses." well, you know what? i don't think it's very original to not curse hehehe.... i'm not really mad. it's my own fault for submitting a request for someone to judge me. so what if all i talk about are the guys i fuck? that and work and drinking are pretty much all that's going on in my life right now. i'm in the avoidance phase of my life where all i want to do is have a good time and not get too deep into shit. i was too deep for too long. i've never just had fun.

although the lack of a future is weighing heavy on my shoulders. but i'm nicely buzzed and don't want to think about it right now. so fuck reviews. i know who likes me. i know ya'll love me (right, right? you love me, please say yes!)

fuck it. i need to sleep.

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