dinner, a movie and sex!-Sunday, Jul. 11, 2004 @ 1:32 a.m.

[insert naughty grin]

so... maybe im not exactly over mr. saturday night. unless having sex with him again constitutes being over him. amazing, raunchy sex. hehehe.... we ran into each other today then decided to hang out tonight. we went to his place, he cooked dinner, a decent enough dinner, had a bottle of wine, started to watch a movie and never finished it. he asked me to stay the night, but i had to come home. if id have knows that was on his mind i would have made other arrangements for the evening so i could have stayed. we did lay in bed together for a bit and i fell asleep for about 15 minutes. leaving was the hardest thing in the world. he has these beautiful, strong arms that feel so good wrapped around me. and his nice full lips feel so warm when he kisses my neck. and i finally gave him my number. hopefully hell call me. i want to get to know him better. i had a good time hanging out with him. ive realized hes actually a bit of a dork. for some reason i thought he was so suave and debonaire and full of himself, and while he may be full of himself, hes actually a bit neurotic and clumsy. but it makes him all the more adorable.

but well see what happens. i certainly wont get my hopes up.

and im exhausted. i was up way early and then spent all day in the rain. and my head hurts.

and i wish i was asleep beside him right now.

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