one of these damn things-Monday, Aug. 02, 2004 @ 3:11 a.m.

My Name Is: mary

In The Morning I Am: groggy/grumpy/sometimes hung over

Love Is: wow man.... thatís deep

I Dream About: lots of things. somethings that may scare you. some things that scare me. and what my life would be like if i were married to travis barker... yum

-With The Opposite Sex-

What Do You Notice First?: eyes, teeth, hands


Who do you have a crush on?: no one right now, other than travis barker. boys around here are idiotic assholes.

Have You Fallen For Your Best Friend: negative

~Who Was The Last Person?~

You Talked To On The Phone?: the best friend

Hugged?: my momma

You Instant Messaged?: chris

You Laughed With?: the boy from the other department

~Do You/ / Are You~

Could You Live Without The Computer?: technically... but i wouldnít want to

What's Your Favorite Food?: uhm....good food. haha... i suck. i like italian food and seafood. oh god... crab legs. i want crab legs like woah.

What's Your Favorite Fruit?: strawberries

What Hurts The Most?: emotionally? i canít even narrow that down, but probably finding out you canít trust someone when you thought you could. physically? getting an eyelash on your contact lens. god thatís a bitch.

Do you trust others way too easily?: absofuckinglutely


Of Times I Have Had My Heart Broken?: more than i care to think about. caution, iím fragile.

Of Hearts I Have Broken?: 2... that i can think of for sure.

Of Boys I Have Kissed?: oh god....give me a minute.... at least 19... that i can remember

Of Girls I Have Kissed?:4

Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: 1

Of Tight Friends?: 3

Of CD's That I Own?: in the are of 150

Of Scars On My Body?: 4 or 5

Of Things In My Past That I Regret?: too maybe to count

~Other Things~

I Know: that i know nothing really

I Want: so much, but iím never really truly sure what.

I Have: issues... and three cats

I Wish: i would stop wishing. wishes donít come true

I Hate: people that donít tip

I Miss: my friends that have moved

I Fear: large bodies of water... and rabbits (hahah! who gets that? SOMEBODY better get that joke damn it)

I Hear: the t.v.

I Search: a comfortable pair of work shoes

I Love: a lot actually. good music, good people, dancing and not caring what anyone thinks

I Ache: in my feet right now. work tonight was a bitch

I Care: about everyone... really i do. even people that have hurt me

I Always: get roped into filling these things out and forget how long and tedious they can be

I Dance: whenever i can. it feels so good

I Cry: randomly sometimes, which is scary. and during finding nemo

I Do not always: allow myself too feel

I Write: not as much as i should

I confuse: myself and iím pretty sure everyone else

I can usually be found: in my car or at work

I need: a million dollars... and right now, a hug. and the mars volta album

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: nope

If so, when and with who: ...

Druggie: nope

Gang Member: negative

Daydreamer?: oh yes

Alcoholic?: yeah... probably

Brat?: only to my dad

Sarcastic: noooooooo, never!

Goody-goody: sometimes

Shy: oh yes

Talkative: when iím drunk

Adventurous: trying to be

Intelligent: thatís a catch 22. if i say no, then i admit i may be stupid. if i say yes, then iím arrogant.

~Concerning The Friends (You Claim To Have)~

Wish you saw more often: my south carolina girl and my boston girl

Wish you could meet: thom yorke

Most sarcastic: the best friend

Wish you knew better: there are a lot of people i wish i knew better

Knows you best: the best friend


Your best feature: my eyes

Your biggest flaw: iím naive and negative

Most annoying thing you do: not sure... but iím guessing overuse of my catch phrases

Biggest mistake you've made this far: mr. saturday night

Describe your personality in one word: loving

The physical feature for which you are most often complimented: my eyes and hair

Height: 5'4

A smell that makes you smile: butter cream frosting candle from yankee candle

A city you'd like to visit: st. petersburg florida

A drink you order most often: miller lite... or coke

A delicious dessert: chocolate lasagna from olive garden

A book you highly recommend: invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk

The music you prefer while alone: depends on my mood

Your favorite band: radiohead

A film you could watch over and over: about a boy

A TV show you watch regularly: friends because itís on all the damn time

Your cologne or perfume: none right now

Under your bed or in your closet you hide: clothes

Something important on your night table: birth control

Last Alcoholic Drink: last night

Last Car Ride: about an hour ago

Last Kiss: last night

Last Good Cry: friday night

Last Library Book checked out: oh god... i donít know. fuck the library. i buy my books.

Last Movie Seen in Theaters: dodgeball

Last Book Read: requiem for a dream by hubert selby jr.

Last Movie Rented: itís been a long ass time since i rented a movie, but iím gonna go with the anniversary edition of night of the living dead when i was living with j.

Last Beverage Drank: big k sparkling punch

Last Food Consumed: grilled chicken breast sandwich with a sundried tomato mayonnaise from work. it was awesome.

Last Crush: ugh.... fuck boys, they all suck.

Last Phone Call: the best friend about 8 hours ago

Last TV Show Watched: mission hill

Last Time Showered: 9 hours ago

Last Shoes Worn: my work shoes, and boy do they suck ass

Last CD Played: the last at the drive in album... donít know the name of it.

Last Annoyance: crazy stalker guy from work

Last Disappointment: last big disappointment? last friday

Last Thing Written: an order for table 13

Last Key Used: back door key

Last Words Spoken: night mom, love you.

Last Sleep: last night

Last IM: 10 hours ago

Last Weird Encounter: again, crazy stalker guy from work at work tonight

Last Ice Cream Eaten: the other day. ben and jerryís cookie dough.

Last Time Amused: a little while ago when the cats were playing

Last Time In Love: about 8 months ago

Last Time Hugged: today

Last Time Scolded: yesterday

Last Time Resentful: last friday

Last Chair Sat In: my computer chair

Last Lipstick Used: last night. actually, it was gloss, but that counts, right?

Last Shirt Worn: my work shirt... bleh

Last Webpage Visited:

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