this apparatus must be unearthed-Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2004 @ 4:12 a.m.

i spent money today. bought two cdís. at the drive inís relationship of command and the mars voltaís de-loused in the comatorium. i hadnít planned on buying the mars volta for a while because iím really deep into the new sparta and at the drive in and iíve got a few more weeks of listening to those before i can absorb it all and move onto something new. but i saw were the mars volta was only $9, and i just couldnít pass that up. so itíll probably sit for a bit, but iíll get to it eventually

i pulled an 11 hour shift tonight. i went in at 4 and should have been out around 10, but had to close so i didnít get off until 1. that threw a wrench in a lot of plans. i was pissed to say the least. especially since i closed last night. and i wa supposed to close tomorrow, but i called up the boy[space]friend and he actually said heíd close for me! was fucking shocked. i got a little teary eyed and everything. so hopefully iíll be able to get together with this new potential boy whom iím starting to like a lot. i knew he was something special when i asked what he wanted to do when we hang out and he said ďi dunno... drink some beer, watch some buffy.Ē swoon.... two of my most favorite things.

god damn it.... there was so much i wanted tow rite earlier, but now itís all gone out my head. that's such a pain in the ass. maybe iíll remember eventually.

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