113 Things-Saturday, Mar. 13, 2004 @ 2:44 p.m.

Yeah, so I'm bringing this list back. Faithful readers will remember this from my old diary, with a few revisions:

1) As of right now I am 22 years old, my birthday is March 18

2) I have short red hair, spiky in the back and long in the front. like a reverse mullet, but better.

3) My eyes consist of a trio of colours - blue, green, and yellow

4) I’m on the short side of life hitting the mark at 5 feet, four inches

5) Because of number 4, I like to wear platform shoes, but nothing over 3 inches. I do not have a death wish

6) My toe nails always have nail polish on them. Well, almost always. 95% of the time. And it’s usually some shade of blue

7) My favourite colour is blue>

8) I am a pisces, which is a water sign

9) I do not know how to swim

10) Or roller skate or ride a bike

11) I do know how to skateboard, but I haven’t since I was 11

12) My skateboard is a Powell Peralta with Mike Mcgill’s autograph on it

13) My fantasy car is a black Porsche Turbo 911. My dream car is a blue Mazda RX8

14) I currently drive my mom’s white Pontiac Aztek

15) I love to act

16) I also love to sing. I have 7 years of classical training

17) I went to an acting conservatory in Pittsburgh for my freshman year of college. I have been unable to go back to college for the past 2 years because I’m pretty much broke right now

18) I was a waitress at a local restaurant for almost two years. I quit last December December 2002 because I was wrongly accused of stealing money

19) I smoke Camel Turkish Royals and Camel Lights

20) My favourite red wine is Euro Doon’s Heart of Darkness

21) My favourite white wine is Adam Tokay Pinot Gris

22) My favourite martini is a Manhattan

23) I make a damn fine martini

24) I think Stoli’s is the best mid-price vodka you can buy

25) I think Absolut vodka is absolute crap

26) My favourite Whiskey is Jack Daniels

27) My favourite rum is Captain Morgans

28) I have 2 cats - Gold, who is 12 years old, and Max who is almost 2 years old

29) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18

30) I played percussion in jr. high and high school marching band and concert band

31) I suck at math

32) My favourite beverage line is Sobe

33) I am third generation Polish-American

34) Some people say I look like Jennifer Connelly

35) Jennifer Connelly is one of my favourite actresses

36) I want to marry Dominic Monaghan who plays Merry in The Lord of the Rings

37) I also want to marry Elijah Wood

38) I was in a 3 year relationship with a guy named Chris from July 29, 1998 to sometime in August, 2001

39) I never had sex with Chris

40) Tony was the first guy I slept with. That happened in May of 2002

41) Yes, that means I was a 20 year old virgin

42) My brother has 2 kids by 2 different girls. A 5 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. He never gets to see his daughter

43) I am on birth control

44) My first crush was on Judd Nelson, or I should say, John Bender from “The Breakfast Club”

45) I have kissed 4 girls

46) I love to bake

47) I have a secret desire to be a chef, but I know I’d never be able to handle the pressure

48) I have three tattoos on my back. A pisces symbol and two stars

49) I want to get more tattoos. I have ideas for about 6 more

50) I also want to get my nose pierced

51) I’m can’t right now because of my current job. I‘d get fired

52) I have been involved in over 50 stage productions

53) The last show I was in was The Vagina Monologues

54) In spring of 2002 my best friend’s mom died of ovarian cancer

55) I love to travel

56) I want to move to Boston

57) If you’ve read this far, pat yourself on the back

58) If you’ve read this far you must be as bored as I am right now

59) My favourite tv show is “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

60) Yes, I think James Marsters is really fucking hot. I really don’t care that he’s over 40

61) I loved the movie “Meet Joe Black”

62) I hated the movie “City of Angels”

63) My favourite musical is “Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

64) The last concert I went to was Incubus

65) Aerosmith was the first concert I ever went to. I was in 6th grade

66) I was never suspended from school

67) I have never been in a fight, meaning, I have never hit someone

68) I really want to hit someone

69) Hehehehe....

70) I do yoga and kickboxing... When I have the time

71) My favourite naughty word is any form of “fuck”

72) I have never cheated on a significant other

73) Significant others have cheated on me

74) I have never been outside of the country

75) The farthest south I have been in Melbourne, Florida. Farthest north- Boston. Farthest West - Chicago

76) I hate flying. I flew to Boston

77) I love taking the train. I took the train to Philadelphia

78) I’ve considered becoming a vegetarian, but I love red meat too much

79) I always order my steaks medium rare

80) I’m running out of things to say

81) If you actually read this far you should leave me a note that says “I don’t know any lepers either, but I’m not going to go out and join one of their fucking clubs”

82) You should then tell me what movie it’s from... if you can

83) I love Apple computers

84) I have an indigo imac

85) I lived with my last boyfriend, James for five months. We were only together six months

86) He dumped me to go out with his lesbian exgirlfriend’s bet friend who is a whore. He didn’t tell me this though. He told me he didn’t want to date other people and that we still had a future together.

87) He went to the bar with the them that he knew I was going to on New Years Eve and I got drunk and slapped him.

88) I chose the 9 in my name because I am ruled by the number 9. I am also ruled by the tarot card “the moon”

89) I have a velvet comforter on my bed

90) I like to take really long showers

91) I love oreos

92) Starting in 7th grade and up until a year ago, I dyed my hair jet black. You want to know why? Two words: Trent Reznor

93) I wear contacts. They are not coloured, they are so I can see more than 2 inches in front of me

94) I own 47 pair of underwear

95) I collect Radiohead memorabilia

96) I also collect Sobe caps

97) I really want to go back to college as soon as I can afford it. I’m thinking about going into restaurant management

98) I'm becoming addicted to Vanilla Coke

98) I'm also becoming addicted to "Vanilla Sky"

100) I think Tom Cruise is so very, very fine. I love his neck most of all

101) I love hazelnut scented candles

102) I really don't like the city of Philadelphia

103) I lost my virginity in Philadelphia. But that really isn't why I don't like Philly. In fact, that and the restaurant I ate at are the only good memories I have of Philadelphia

104) I have just recently developed an affinity for beer.

105) I also like Jagermeister

106) I really like salmon

107) I have a fear of large bodies of water. I thus have a fear of dams

108) I do not know how to drive standard, but I really want to learn

109) I hate talking on the phone

110) I don't like to wear shoes

111) I am the fairy godmother to my best friend Lynn's daughter

112) I love to shop, but I hate how cliched that sounds

113) I stole my #112 from sweetjulep's #46

See what boredom does to you? Silly lists.

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