.......-Thursday, Apr. 29, 2004 @ 12:34 a.m.

I'm rather drunk and i'm writing. this is never a good thing.

did i mention the night that i was drnk and told the bartender brandon about how i had a crush on him and wante to make him happy? well i did. i told him that. i told himi thought he was great and all the shit i should'n't have told him. and we were down at the bar tonight and he was sad and i wantd to take him in my arms and tell him everything would be ok. i wanted to make everything better for im. but i didn't tell him because i've already done enough damage.

and i just want to see david. my cellphone's been cut off because i can't make enough mone to pay it so i can't call him. i sent him a text message telling him my number at homebut i' know he'll never call. i widh he was online now. just want tot alk to someone. i feel so fucking lone. can't handle this shit anymore.

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