The Cast-Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004 @ 2:04 a.m.

These are the people and places Iíll write about most.

Mom and Dad - enough said.

Michael/Mike - my brother, heís 4 years older than me. Heís in a local band that is very, very good and we also work together but in seperate departments. We use to hate each other, but now weíre really pretty close.

Erica - my brotherís girlfriend. They've been together 7 years, on and off, and they have a 5 year old son together. We also use to hate each other, but now weíre cool. We work in the same restaurant.

Jake - Mike and Erica's son.

Anne - my absolute best friend here.

Liz - one of my other best friends, though weíve been growing apart the last year. Sheís going to school in Boston right now.

Lynn - another really good friend. She has a six year old girl, Jane. We donít talk as much because sheís been living in South Carolina for the past four years, but that doesnít matter. When I talk to her, itís like we talk every day.

James - my most recent exboyfriend. We were only together six months. I lived with him, I supported him, I gave him everything and he lied to me and used me. Had a very bad break up and havenít spoken since.

Stephanie, Susan, Sara, Christin, Matt, Nate, Cathy, Nancy, Kristin, Mike - coworkers.

Scott - bartender at The Barthat Iím rather taken with. Very handsome, very sweet and very charming. Donít know where this is going, if anywhere.

Brandon - another bartender at The Bar that Iím also smitten with. Heís more my type than Scott, but I donít know as much about him. Heís also taken at the moment.

Jonathan - this boy I met at the bar one night when I was really drunk and I ended up kissing him.

Alex - bartender/sound engineer at The Bar. Iíve known him for years, he use to take guitar lessons from my dad. Anne slept with him and now thinks sheís in love with him.

Brad - another guy Iíve known for years. Anne screwed him over and led him on.

The Bar - my favourite bar downtown. Love this place and have spent a number of drunken nights there

David - My newest fascination. One of those boys that I want so badly to be with. I have had sex with. Wonderful, drunken sex. I could be so good to him, but I doubt I'll ever be with him. I think about him waaaay too much. He's a drummer in a local band. And they're pretty good.

Tony - A boy I've known for a few years. The first boy I ever slept with. We used to work together. He moved a year ago to Nevada and haven't seen him since. I know I love him and miss him and wish to god he were back here... with me.

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