Or Magnify Pain Is Point Number One-Friday, Mar. 26, 2004 @ 1:51 a.m.

I'm in a fucking pissy, pissy mood.

Our sous chef at the restaurant, Brain, is such a fucking miserable asshole. He's decided that since he hates his life and isn't a very good chef, that he's going to pick on me all fucking night long. I don't even think I can explain what happened tonight, because it's doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you've worked in a restaurant you'd understand how totally frustrating it is... I'll give it a shot.

I ahd an order in for a french onion soup and a bowl of chili for table 16. I also had a chicken caesar salad for table 11. The salad was ready, and the chili was in the window, but no f.o.soup. So, logically, I decide to take the salad out and by the time I got back, my soup should be up. I'm walking out the door and he yells across the fucking kitchen, "Hey, Mary, are you getting to get this chili, or just et it die in the window?" I said to him, "Is my onion soup up yet?" He looks around and sees its not there and you know what? They hadn't even started it yet! Logic should dictate to the fucking chef, that if he sees a ticket with a chili and a french onion soup that they're going to go out together. I'm not going to take one then the other. So he rolls his eyes at me, I take my salad out and come back and still have to wait 10 minutes for the fucking soup because they burned the first one. What a fucking moron. I'm ready to let it go after I finally get my order out and my tables fine, but no. It gets even more annoying. Table 16 also ordered a chicken caesar salad and a house salad as their entrees. So I go back to get my salads and Rusty has them made, but there's no chicken over on the hot line. I say, "Brian, do I have a chicken coming for my caesar?" He looks at his tickets and says, "You got it." I say, "No, I got the chicken for table 11, now I need some for 16." He says, "I don't have a ticket for it." I reply, "I don't know why. You should. I just checked the Micros and they're both in there and Rusty obviously got the ticket because he made the salads." So, he rolls him eyes at me and mumbles something under his breath and starts making my chicken.

You know what? I shouldn't have to sit there and fucking argue with you you little cocksucking bastard. If Petey or Tee had been there, it wouldn't have been a problem. They'd say, "Ok, no problem, I'll get it in, just let me see your Micros when you get a chance." But no no no... Brian has to be a little bitch. So he's all fucking pissy and shit and I'm irritated beyond belief and I end up taking the wrong burger out to one of my other tables. And of course, he fucking loves that. He fucking loves the fact that I fucked up. Well, you know what bitch? I'm still ahead of you, because scores 2-1. I'm still more on the fucking ball than you.

So, later on, I had an order for a chop sirloin. I go back and see that it's in the window. I also needed to run a credit card, so I decided to do that first. The food can sit for another minute in the window seeing as how he'd just put it up when I walked back there. I'm running the credit card, about to walk to the window when I hear that rat bastard say, "Mary, you've got food dying in the window, get on the ball." Oh and it fucking kills me. I had a steak knife in my hand and I clenched it and same so so so so fucking close to flinging in across the kitchen into his thick fucking skull. I would have paid money to hear him scream in agonizing pain as his fucking brains spilled out onto the grill. I'd have run a special to all my tables: fried sous chef brains with a side rice. Careful though, it's a little bitter and has lots of attitude.

That fucking prick. And this isn't the only night it's happened. He fucking picks on me all the time. And I'm not a bad server. I screw up every now and then just like everyone else, but of the people there, I;m certainly not the worst.

And to think, I used to have a crush on him. Not anymore. Not I'd just like to crush him. Smash his eye balls with a skillet and bust his knee caps with a plate.

Fucking asshole.

Ok, I feel better now.

I didn't go out with David tonight. I sent him a text saying I didn't get off until midnight, did he still want to try and hang out. He text me back saying his sister was in town, but if he went out he'd call me.

He didn't call me. I'm just going to let it go. I've done about as much pursuing as I'm safely aloud to without being stalkerish or annoying. His move.

I walked over to the mall before work to get a strawberry lemonade from that pretzel place. I'm walking by Chili's and who's sitting out on the patio? Scott. Scott that I kissed a few weeks ago. He sees me and gets this big smile and puts his hand out to shale my hand and god he looks gorgeous in daylight because he's got these amazing blue eyes and I'm all nervous because I feel like a fool for kissing him and he's eating dinner with this skinny girl with an ugly face. I don't quite remember what I said to him, but I know I couldn't form a coherent sentence. I think I walked away without even saying goodbye.

God, I'm such a fucking dork.

I made a comment in my earlier entry about how I don't want a boy to be the only thing that makes me happy anymore. I've realized I don't have o worry about that. There are other things that make me happy. The one thing that makes me truly happy is music. I bought a new album the other day and it's really good and every time I listen to it, it makes me giddy. It makes me feel alive. I makes me happy. Actually, there are two albums that I'm listening to right now. The new BLink 182 and the old Chevelle.

I've never really been interested in Blink 182 before. But I heard their new stuff on the radio and was really intrigued by it. So, I bought the album and absolutely love it. It just makes me feel so good. I really need to sit down and listen to it with headphones so I can catch it all. As compared to the other singles I've heard from past albums, they've got a lot more going on with this one.

The other album I'm loving is Point # 1 by Chevelle. This came out in 1999 and was produced by Steve Albini. And it's very very good. I was told a long time ago by Tony that it was crap. I have Wonder What's Next and love it. Finally I decided to tempt the possibility of wasting $18 and bought P#1 and boy am I glad I did. The title track just draws me in. Makes me think I somewhere else. Love it. You all should buy it and love it too.

Anyway, I've done a lot of rambling. I should get to bed.

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