--Sunday, Jul. 18, 2004 @ 2:24 a.m.

i havenít been able to buy the new sparta album yet and that has me a little annoyed. i need some new music. tonight after work i decided to take a little drive to an out of the way taco bell to get some food. i was annoyed by every cd i put in until i found the bends. my god, i forgot how much i love that album

i know i had a million things i wanted to write about, but i canít really remember them all now. the past few days have been a bit of a cluster fuck. the worst part is my bumps. either iíve gotten poison ivy from one of the cats or iím allergic to something. or i might have the chicken pox. i have these little itchy bumps all over my arms and back and two on my ears, one on the left and one on the right. the really annoying thing about the one on my right ear is that itís right above my cartilage piercing. in all, i think there are about 15 little itchy clusters. mom swears itís poison ivy. i wouldnít know because iíve never had poison ivy before. weíre thinking itís from were one of our cats sleeps in the ivy out in the yard. thereís a few vines of poison ivy out there and the il may have gotten onto his fur and onto me when i picked him up. thereís none on my legs. just my upper body. but itís a pain. and really damn annoying.

i havenít heard from mr. saturday night. itís been a week. surprisingly, today was the first day iíd even thought about him and think thatís because he was in my dream last night. it wasnít a good dream. in fact, it scared and depressed the hell out of me. donít even want to talk about it.

mmmm.... tired. need to sleep.

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