hi, can i stalk you?-Monday, Jul. 12, 2004 @ 7:09 p.m.

pretty much all weekend iíd forgotten about mr. married stalker guy. i had a good friday night, a great saturday night and a decent sunday. then today he comes in three hours early for his shift and tries to start rubbing my back. i tell him to stop. then i left and didnít say goodbye to him. why would i? erica calls to tell me that he was asking where i was. when she told him i left he said, ďwell, thatís rude.Ē rude? you want to talk about rude? lets talk about him constantly trying to touch me and then seduce me by making me fancy desserts and giving me painful massages. lets talk about sending me creepy emails from you and your wifeís join email account. rude? did i mention the non stop calls? ugh! if he, and he will, calls back iím going to have to be straight forward and tell him to leave me the fuck alone. i guess the text message saying, please, give me some space, and the fact that iím cold to him whenever i see him isnít enough of an indication to just leave me the hell alone.

and iím keeping all the emails and messages just in case i have to report him to human resources.


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