i've put two and two together and decided that you're pissing me off-Monday, Jul. 12, 2004 @ 1:34 a.m.

have you ever noticed that your best friend can be your worst enemy? i called up the best friend to tell her about my wonderful night. youd think shed be happy for me. youd think shed be happy that ive found a guy i can have amazing sex with and who is nice and respectful to me at the same time. but no. no, she cant just say, wow, thats cool congratulations. i hope things work out and stay cool. instead she has to say, oh god. so what if hes nice. id be worried about all the other girls hes slept with. thanks. thanks bitch. need i remind you of the random guy from the bar that took you out to his car so you could go down on him? how much do you know about his history? what about three guys you slept with whose names you dont know. what about your history! shes just driving me nuts! shes always so condescending and rude to me. she talks down to me and makes me feel like shit constantly. i wonder a lot of the time why i still hang out with her. most of the other people i hang out with dont like her. it to the point also, that i cant remember why i started hanging out with her in the first place. one of the boys at work says shes probably just jealous that i had a good time last night and she hasnt had a good time in over three months. so fuck her. i wont let her get me down anymore.

yesterday at monkey fest i slipped down a muddy hill. i managed to pull every muscle in my right leg in the process. walking was a rather difficult task for me today. im hoping it feels better by tomorrow or work is going to suck even more than it did tonight.

i had dreams about mr. saturday night all night last night. but i cant get my hopes up. i absolutely can not do that. but i want him to prove my worst fears wrong. i want so badly for him to call me when he gets back in town.

but i cant get my hopes up.

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